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About Us


Joyce Chin is the founder of Brain Activation Sdn Bhd. Her experience in Dermatoglyphics has provided her with the opportunity to discover and embrace human potential. In 2011, she discovered the amazing science of Neurofeedback, which inspired her to help children improve their learning ability by unleashing their brain potential.


In addition, she has helped many children with developmental disabilities such as ADHD, Autism, and Down Syndrome to gain confidence in their life journey. Her authentic self, filled with compassion, trustworthiness, grace, and light has helped her to gain a respectable place in the education sector; her involvement in public talks and seminars aims to raise a generation of people who know how to maximize the use of their brain through NeuroFeedback. Her vision is to unleash as many children’s brain potential as possible to be smarter, sharper and healthier with her unique Brain Activation Training Program.

Since 2007, she has worked as an Education Consultant in different local preschools and primary schools, helping them to develop dermatoglyphic, brain-based, and thinking-based curriculums.

She successfully completed the “Neuroscience Basic Practitioner Training Courses”, recognized by Research Institute of Neuropsychological Science (Korea), in 2011; and the Professional Brain Quotient Analysis Training, recognized by the Korea Research Institute of Jungshin Science, in 2013. She also is a Neurofeedback Master Trainer as certified by the Korea Research Institute of Jungshin Science in 2014.

Prof. Park Pyong Woon

Prof Park is the founder of Brain Tech Co. He is an expert in neuroscience, a member of the International Society for Neurofeedback & Research, and the inventor of the world's first portable EEG device.


  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Yonsei University

  • Master of Science in Physics, Indiana University

  • Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, Indiana University

  • Leader, Proton Research Team at ETRI

  • Director, Mind Science Institute

  • Director, Korean Society of Mind Science

  • Advisor, National Therapy Institute

  • Head Professor in Brain Science, Seoul Venture Information Graduate School

  • CEO,  BrainTech Co Ltd

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Emowave & Emopill 
Dr Dickson Lai

Dr. Dickson Lai, earned his Master of Business Administration at the University of Leicester and his Doctorate at the University of Entreprenology, he started his life journey at Workers Institute of Technology earning his Diploma in Electronic Engineering, he then become a Certified Neurotrainer at the Korea Research Institute of Jungshin Science to chase after his dream, became the 1st Certified Emyth Business Coach in Malaysia and a Certified Ontological Coach from Accomplishment Coaching, USA.

Dr Lai the founder of The Dickson Laboratory focuses on human development using cognitive and sound wave to unleash the human potential with scientific factual data. EmoWave, a technology he developed, is able to leverage on voice to map out the human’s emotional intelligence blueprint and use the same voice to stabilize mental & physical wellness. His development has empowered many individuals to design their own lives. He has impacted the transformation of entrepreneurs and executives in world class organizations. He is a certified Life (Ontological) & Business coach who has more than 25 years of real world experience in developing and operating businesses in Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong & China). His method has  successfully raised intelligence to students in international schools.

Medical Doctor & Nutritional Consultant
Dr Lim Han Yin

Dr Lim Han Yin graduated with Medical Doctorate from 1st Moscow State Medical University after which she completed her training in Penang General Hospital. She served at antenatal and Pediatric clinics in Sabah. Dr Lim facilitated in public health education as a speaker, with her great passion in battling chronic health conditions. She participated in various health education activities in Sabah, successfully raising awareness about healthy lifestyle. She is one of the popular health education speaker at Ranau-Kundasang area. Dr Lim found her interest in treating chronic illness by using natural remedies. She eventually had her further study in Nutritional Medicine to consolidate her knowledge. Currently, Dr Lim is a licensed practitioner in nutrition medicine with The Federation of Complementary and Natural Medical Association Malaysia. She is serving as the Medical Doctor of Forward Health Nutritional Medicine Clinic and as a Consultant Doctor of Brain Activation Sdn Bhd.

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Children and Family Counsellor
Yeoh Shu Yon​

Ms Yeoh is a registered counsellor and a licensed practitioner under the Malaysian Counselling Board (KB07784). She graduated from HELP University with an honours degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Counselling. As a counsellor, she has practised in international schools, NGOs such as the Centre for Creative Arts Therapy, and private organizations including Brain Zone and Modern Parenting Solutions. She is passionate about character building for children as well as the provision of support and educational resources for parents. She founded Dearest You Counselling and Consulting and liaises with Brain Activation Sdn Bhd to host parenting talks and seminars as well as provide in-house family counselling sessions.

Deekha A/P Lai Hwa

Ms Deekha graduating from Sultan Idris Education University with an honours degree in Psychology, she has worked with children with special needs in the international school as well as early intervention settings. With a unique approach to teaching, Ms Deekha helps students to learn through play, improve their self-awareness and self-discipline, and develop an understanding of the world around them. Ms Deekha is currently spearheading Brain Activation Sdn Bhd’s Playgroup and Early Intervention programme. 

Chong Qi-Qi

Ms Chong graduated from UTAR with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Besides having academic expertise, she also has plenty of experience working with children. With her patient coaching, children do well in many school subjects, especially the Montessori programme. In Brain Activation Sdn Bhd’s playgroup and early intervention Programme, she helps students build up confidence through a lot of fun ways in a class by using the Montessori system and other teaching aids.

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